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Moose, Galerina und Mycena
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Liebe Leut,
ein interessanter Artikel: Davey ML, Heimdal R, Ohlson M, Kauserud H, 2013. Host-and tissue-specificity of moss-associated< i> Galerina</i> and< i> Mycena</i> determined from amplicon pyrosequencing data. Fungal Ecology.

Demnach sind einige Arten Moos-spezifisch, was für die Bestimmung hilfreich ist. Außerdem scheint zumindest eine Mycena endophytisch zu sein. Hier eine Zusammenfassung:

The genetic diversity of two agaricoid saprotroph genera, Galerina and Mycena, and their distribution across bryophyte host species, and within bryophytes' photosynthetic and senescent tissues, was assessed using data from two pyrosequencing biodiversity inventories of bryophilous fungi. A total of 9 498 Galerina and 5 731 Mycena reads were mapped to branches broadly distributed throughout backbone trees, reflecting no obvious evolutionary specialization of particular fungal lineages to moss hosts/substrata. Although a few OTUs occurred with equal frequency across the hosts, most exhibited some degree of specialization to one or more bryophytes, indicating that the quality of different mosses as substratum varies between species. With one exception, all Galerina and Mycena OTUs were more frequent and abundant in senescent than photosynthetic tissues, likely reflecting saprotrophic nutritional modes in the fungi. A single Mycena OTU showed considerable colonization of both tissues, which may reflect an opportunistic parasitic or endophytic lifestyle.

► We assessed host- and tissue-specificity in bryophilous fungi using pyrosequencing. ► Some Galerina and Mycena species were generalists, some showed host specificity. ► Most Galerina and Mycena species are saprobic and colonize senescent moss tissues. ► One Mycena is a putative endophyte, colonizing both green and brown moss tissues.

Wer Interesse hat, kann mich zur Einsicht des Textes anmailen.

Mycenisch, Hans